No Better Time Than Now

I figured I would start on the endeavor to start blogging. Why? Well I want to make this whole experience more exciting than just coming on here to shop. I would love to share more of what is going on behind the scenes. Like how its taken me 6 months post baby to feel normal or be able to make anything. Or how Covid in some ways robbed me of some my memory. So trying to keep the business, raising two kids and existing can sometimes be really hard. There are times I know it comes across as unprofessional but honestly I don't know what I am doing here. In so many ways I am doing this as a lone ranger. Being a lone ranger has its benefits but also has some extreme down sides. That means a lot of the day running of the business is on my back while still trying to keep two kids under 4 alive. I feel like in many ways I am letting my customers down. I feel like I am taking an incredibly long time to rebuild my stock ( I am). This comes down to more than my emotional state, then comes in logistics. It's crazy, I never thought my little business would grow to the degree it has. I feel like I am still only getting started. I still want to grow more. Then that stresses me out. You know, I am typing this all out in hopes you feel like I am letting you in more. Social media has become such a toxic on and off thing in my life I kinda want stay off of it most days. However, I want to connect with you all. Then we get the stress of actually running this business and many days me spent tracking down supplies.

I guess in some ways this one of my famous Instagram rambles without it being on Instagram.

I will soon discuss price increases so that you all know where I am coming from on this very hard decision I recently had to make.

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